Hardwood conservatories : classic, resilient and affordable

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In past times conservatories were specifically utilized as a place to grow exotic plant life, flowers or even fruits brought back from foreign places. Hardwood conservatories particularly date back to the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries where fruits like grapes or oranges were stored as well as cultivated. The most elaborate hardwood conservatories were heated by timber or coal heated air through under floor ducts.

However in this modern era, people are less likely to utilize hardwood conservatories for storage or cultivation of plant life or fruit (greenhouses are more commonly used nowadays for this specific purpose.) Hardwood conservatories today are more commonly used as an extension to one’s home, where individuals can either host parties or sit down and relax. Sometimes incorrectly called sunrooms (made from either aluminium or PVC), hardwood conservatories are in reality of higher quality and with more intricate detail.

Hardwood conservatories vs. UPVC conservatories

From an aesthetic point of view, hardwood conservatories are a more traditional and appealing substitute for plastic UPVC conservatories. Hardwood conservatories are also more weather resistant and longer lasting than plastic conservatories.


There’s many different types of hardwood utilized to make conservatories, like teak, jatoba, mahogany, western red cedar or sapele. Teak is often a preferred selection because it is naturally resistant against weathering, however can be out of some consumers’ price range. If a different type of hardwood is chosen to create the conservatory, it is important for it to be stained or covered with vinyl to prevent weathering. Hardwood conservatories constructed from materials other than teak nonetheless do have a similar level of sturdiness.


When thinking about any kind of extension or addition to your home, it’s essential to put lots of time and thought into it. One of the key things to take into consideration is the conservatory’s design.

There are a selection of hardwood conservatories to pick from, ranging from a more classic and traditional looking conservatory, to one that’s more contemporary and up-to-date. A client could also combine both classic and modern elements for their conservatory. For example, you might pick a traditional look combined with modern additions - double glazing for warmth and comfort, along with a contemporary paint finish, making a conservatory that’s virtually maintenance free.


1.  Increased living space

As with any type of conservatory, hardwood conservatories increase living space and can be an attractive extension to your property.

2.  Material

Evidently, hardwood conservatories are made from timber, a natural and energy efficient material. Using wood is also environmentally friendly, since less energy is used to make hardwood conservatories as compared to UPVC conservatories. In the construction of hardwood conservatories, older trees are utilized and new ones replanted, and so decreasing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.

How and where to get hardwood conservatories

When choosing a business that provides hardwood conservatories, you must choose one you feel comfortable with. They need to have sufficient experience as well as expertise in the field, and should show interest in any queries or worries you might have.

It’s equally important to know precisely what the business are going to do for you. Find out how the company builds hardwood conservatories, and make sure you know everything about the project they will be carrying out.

Price of hardwood conservatories
Hardwood conservatories come at a range of prices, so make sure that you get an estimate before any building work takes place to avoid any surprising fees or costs. It is also worth finding out if there is any work you can do pre or post production to save both time and money.

Decorating hardwood conservatories

Once your conservatory has been built in a style and at a budget that suits you, you can start plans of how you will decorate it. There are many different companies that specialise in furniture for hardwood conservatories, so you won’t be short of choice.


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Hardwood conservatories : classic, resilient and affordable

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Hardwood conservatories : classic, resilient and affordable

This article was published on 2011/09/26